Bonn International Toastmasters is on a hiatus until further notice. We certainly miss our weekly meetings, but in face of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemia, staying at home is the only reasonable option.
Our weekly meetings are now happening online every Thursday at 7:00 pm CEST here:

Breaking News: On Thursday, July 2, we plan our first open-air meeting in the Roman Theatre, Rheinaue Bonn. We can gather starting from 6.30 pm. Our meeting will officially start at 7.20 pm as usual. The Roman Theatre is located between Post Tower and Rheinaue Tram Station, just below the Japanese Garden.

Please consider a distance of at least 1.50 meters to your neighbor. For further information, check this website:



Bonn International Toastmasters in the news!!

What can the Speaker learn from the Actor? An article written by our member Roger Hessel and by Kay Rode, a former member of Redefluss Bonn. This article has been published in the Toastmaster magazine.

Click here to read the article written for our club in the local newspaper (Generalanzeiger).

The moderator Sigrid (to the left) next to the best Speakers of the evening Monica, Julia and Christian.

Welcome to Bonn International Toastmasters!

If you’re like most students or professionals, you didn’t really study public speaking in school. Perhaps you had one or two classes on how to present your work, maybe you even read a book or took a weekend course.

Naturally, after you finished the book or the course, your notes would disappear in a drawer and a few months later you’d barely remember any of that.

And maybe this didn’t hold you back at first. After all, you got really good at doing other things.

But, no matter who you are…

Communicate your ideas!

Sometimes with very little time to prepare. You may have to give a presentation. Or lead your team through a challenge. Or pitch your plans to a colleague. And when that’s all done, you might be invited to give a speech at your best friend’s wedding!

For many members who join Bonn International Toastmasters, the idea of speaking to a crowd seems daunting at first. This is quite normal, most people are afraid of public speaking. In fact, since being founded in 1924, Toastmasters has helped over 4 million people to go from feeling nervous to being confident speaking in front of an audience.

And being confident in front of an audience is only a first step. Pretty soon, you start wondering:

  • How could I structure my speech more purposefully?
  • How might I engage, inspire, and entertain my audience?
  • How can I use my gestures and movements to draw attention to what matters most?

A friendly place to practise public speaking

As the only English-speaking Toastmasters club in the area, Bonn International Toastmasters naturally attracts a diverse membership. 

So you’ll meet a lot of new people, from native Germans who are improving their English speaking and presentation skills, to students and expats from all over the world. We meet every week to give speeches and give feedback. In addition, our most experienced speakers are happy to mentor you individually.

Toastmasters’ proven method for teaching public speaking is based on a simple principle: practise, practise, practise. And because the weekly meetings offer a relaxed, supportive, and fun place to practise, you will be surprised how quickly you’ll see your ability to communicate effectively improving!

To get a sense of what an evening at Bonn International Toastmasters is like, just drop by as a guest at the Social Impact Lab,  Heinemannstraße 34 in Bonn, any Thursday evening from 19:00 to 21:30.  Our meetings are completely free to attend, so don’t feel shy!

Member interviews

You are welcome to join us every Thursday as a guest – get more information here.

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